DENON POA-2400A (#1) *SOLD* - Solid state power amplifier in very clean condition inside and out with the cosmetics being fair. The case has scratches but no dents and the face is very good but for some nicks on the very bottom. It was clear from the screw heads it had never been opened and original with no repairs ever required. This is a very detailed, clear and dead quiet amplifier that drives difficult loads with authority. The RCA input connectors have been upgraded with gold connectors. The input level controls and switches have had the De-oxit and Faderlube treatment. Amplifier factory adjustments have been checked and adjusted.

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DENON POA-2400A (#2) *SOLD* - Same as above but this one is all original and in like new condition. It is absolutely spotless inside and out with the cosmetics being excellent. This one includes all of the original packaging, box and manual.

DENON POA-1500 *SOLD* - Part of a matching set consisting of the POA-1500 amp, PRA-1000 preamp and TU-767 tuner. FULLY serviced, completely detailed/cleaned inside and out and 100% working order. The amplifier has all new indicator and meter lamps, bias adjusted and DC-offset checked. Components are in VERY good condition including the rosewood side panels (The tuner has some scratches on the top). All of the potentiometers and switches have had the De-oxit and Faderlube treatment.

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QUAD 405 (#1) *SOLD* - Legendary current dumping power amplifier. The amp has been COMPLETELY disassembled and restored. Fully re-capped using Nichicon muse electrolytics, wima film and silver mica. The large power supply caps were also replaced with Nichicon KG Super Through. New on-semi power transistors and insulators are fitted and fresh heatsink compound throughout including all heatsink mating surfaces. The original DIN connector is in place and gold plated RCA jacks have been added along with improved speaker binding posts. Bernd Ludwig modifications have also been done such as upgraded Burr-Brown op amps, reduced input gain to more standard input sensitivity while effectively lowering the noise floor. ALL mods were done professionally without the need to drill holes or alter existing PCB's in anyway leaving the option to return to all original stock. This amp is in near new condition and is ready for another 30+ years of reliable service. Includes the original box and packaging with a copy of the owner's manual.

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QUAD 405 (#2) - Legendary current dumping power amplifier. The amp has been re-capped using Nichicon muse electrolytics, wima film and silver mica. The large power supply caps were thoroughly tested for ESR, leakage and dielectric absorption using our Sencore LC102 and are very healthy (new can be installed on request at capacitor cost). Unlike the above Quad #1, this amp is all original and unmodded with the exception of the re-cap and gold plated RCA jacks added for convenience using existing holes. This amp is a multi-voltage selectable version. The condition is mint and performs flawlessly. Includes a copy of the owner's manual.

LUXMAN 5M21 *SOLD* - RARE Laboratory Reference Series power amplifier by LUX Corp.. This was Luxman's prestigious TOTL series featuring their real-time processed DC technology incorporating total DC design. Features a true heavy duty dual mono PS, beautifully lit VU meters (sensitivity selectable), input sensitivity attenuators, DC offset sensor with indicator and selectable DC or capacitor coupled input. The amp has been completely disassembled, detailed and serviced. Servicing included the DML IC's replaced with custom made replacements, a full re-cap, all new meter lamps, replaced insulators and thermal compound for all heatsinked transistors/regulators, potentiometers and switches given De-oxit and Faderlube treatment, deteriorated foam around meter housing and front panel replaced and service manual adjustments performed (bias, DC offset adjustments and meter calibration). Cosmetics are very good with a few nicks on some faceplate edges but nothing detracting. An extraordinary amp that won't disappoint.

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CARVER M-500t *SOLD* - The sweetest sounding and best looking solid state amp by Bob Carver of the Carver era. The service manual adjustments have been performed consisting of the 74V power supply line adjustment, the bias current and the VU meter calibration. Some known solder joint problem areas were also addressed. The amp functions flawlessly and there is not a mark, scratch or dent anywhere. This is one of the finest and cleanest examples to have come through the shop. Original owner's manual included.

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YAMAHA M-60 - Natural sound power amplifier. This amp has been serviced and a number of common aging issues and weak points addressed for future reliability. Some notable mentions include a re-cap (Nichicon Fine Gold series for audio path), problem transistor replacement in the auto class-A circuitry, zener and signal diodes replaced, numerous re-soldering of joints, the input potentiometers and switches cleaned and treated with De-oxit/Faderlube, the bias adjusted and the bar meters calibrated. Dual FET IC's in the front end (differential amp) ensure stable DC-offset and measures under 10mV's for both channels which is excellent. The amp has been cleaned and detailed as well. The amplifier features class-A operation during low power requirements and auto shifts to AB for high power demands. The class-A can be switched off for continuous AB operation. Although output meters in general are not terribly accurate this does have the nice feature of load switching to adjust the meter readout to compensate for 8Ω/4Ω/2Ω load impedances. The amp is in excellent cosmetic and functioning condition. Includes a copy of the owner's manual.

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DENON POA-6600A - Monoblock power houses. Here we have 2 pairs of the highly desirable A models which are optical Class-A. All four monoblocks have been fully serviced which included a full re-cap of all the electrolytics on all boards, the bias adjusted, input attenuators/switches cleaned. The amps have also been cleaned and detailed inside and out. The amps are 260 watts RMS @ 8Ω and 450 @ 4Ω with an impressive dynamic power of 1100 watts @ 1Ω. They feature separate A & B speaker switching and relays with heavy duty 5-way binding posts, XLR balanced input or single ended RCA input connection, input attenuation, peak indicator, stand-by mode with remote power on (DC trigger) and comprehensive protection circuitry that detects excessive DC-offset, abnormal high temperature, abnormal low speaker impedance or speaker terminal shorting. These are up to the task of driving demanding speakers with power and authority. Both pairs come with remote triggering cables and 1 pair includes the original manuals, boxes and packaging. These are being offered as separate pairs or get a discount on both pairs.

ACCUPHASE P-300 *SOLD* - Classic power amplifier from Kensonic Accuphase. Accuphase was and still is some of the finest audio equipment available and this amplifier is timeless. This one has been completely serviced and is fully restored. All new electrolytic capacitors have been installed, original output transistors re-seated with new insulators and heat sink compound, new bourns sealed trimmer resistors throughout, new meter lamps, amplifier adjustments performed, meters calibrated etc.. It's in like new condition and performs as such. This is an exceptional sounding amplifier and the available matching C-200 preamp is an obvious choice to pair with it.

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MARANTZ 170DC *SOLD* - A beautiful and timeless looking amplifier by Marantz. This particular amp underwent an extremely thorough and meticulous restoration from top to bottom. The list and details of the restoration is extensive. Some highlights include a rebuild of the power supply and replacement of the dual filter capacitor. The amplifier assemblies were overhauled having all the electrolytic capacitors replaced, new output transistors and insulators installed, new bourns sealed adjustment trimmers etc.. The protection and meter board received new electrolytic capacitors as well. The VU meters were calibrated and new lamps installed. This amp sounds as beautiful as it looks and is a must see and hear.

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SONIC FRONTIERS ANTHEM PVA 2 - A highend 2 channel amplifier from Sonic Frontiers that won't break the bank. This amp offers exceptional design and build quality with sonic performance to match. It features a robust power supply capable of driving impedance loads down to 2Ω. Choose three different modes of powering on/off; manual, dc trigger or auto on/off circuit that sense incoming audio signal and immediately powers on automatically and off after 20 min of no signal. The amp is like new in the box condition and functions the same. Comes complete with box/packaging and manual.

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MARANTZ 250 *SOLD* - A Marantz classic power amplifier. This beautiful and absolutely mint power amplifier has been completely restored. Both channels have been rebuilt with new transistors from the pre drivers on to the output transistors. All of the electrolytic capacitors have been replaced throughout with high quality axials staying true to original. The meter lamps have been replaced with custom made PCB boards utilizing modern LED's. No chassis mods were done so the original incandescent assemblies can be reinstalled. All factory service bulletin mods, updates and adjustment procedures have been performed.