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NAD 1020B *SOLD* - The design was derived from the highly acclaimed 3020 Integrated Amp. The known problem solder areas have been re-soldered as well as the majority of the other joints for good measure. ALL of the potentiometers and switches have had the De-oxit and Faderlube treatment. The condition of the amp is mint and is 100% electronically sound.

DENON PRA-1000 *SOLD* - Part of a matching set consisting of the PRA-1000 preamp, POA-1500 amp and TU-767 tuner. FULLY serviced, completely detailed/cleaned inside and out and 100% working order. Amplifier has all new indicator and meter lamps, bias adjusted and DC-offset checked. Components are in VERY good condition including the rosewood side panels (The tuner has some scratches on the top). All of the potentiometers and switches have had the De-oxit and Faderlube treatment.

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YAMAHA C-4 *SOLD* - Completely disassembled, cleaned and fully serviced. ALL potentiometers and switches given De-oxit and Faderlube treatment, a full re-cap with Nichicon throughout, re-soldering of dry/cracked joints on all boards, burnt out indicator lamps replaced, known problematic VD diodes replaced for reliability and all service manual adjustments performed (flat amp voltage, phono section DC offset & MC amp distortion). This is an absolutely full featured preamp. Some notables are 3 phono inputs (2 MM & 1 MC) with separate resistance and capacitive load selections, 15Hz low & 10KHz high filter switching, tone controls with separate turnover frequency adjust, stereo/mono/rev mode selectable, 2 separate preouts that can be switched on or off and more. Condition is excellent and 100% functional. Includes the original box and packaging with a copy of the owner's manual.

ACCUPHASE C-200 *SOLD* - A classic preamplifier from Kensonic Accuphase. This preamp really did not require much of a restoration and it's in like new condition both cosmetically and functionally. All of the electrolytic capacitors were replaced, some indicator lamps replaced and the potentiometers and switches have had the De-oxit and Faderlube treatment. The C-200 and the available P-300 make an exceptional combination.

BRYSTON 1B - Solid build quality and performance. This pre is complete with the optional MM and MC phono stage. The preamp has been fully serviced and the condition is excellent.

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DENON DAP-5500 - An exceptional TOTL digital preamplifier that was well ahead of its time as it pertains to digital to analogue conversion technology and readiness. Featuring completely separate analogue and digital sections from individual power supplies on out. The build quality and construction is second to none. This is in literally like new and all original condition. It's complete with original box, packaging and documentation including the original brochure. The optional and extremely rare rosewood side panels are also included new in the box.

CARVER CT-27v *SOLD* - Preamplifier and tuner combo complete with A/V and dolby pro logic. Although dated as far as surround sound, this is still an excellent and very capable two channel pre-amp/tuner.

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MARANTZ 3300 *SOLD* - This classic Marantz preamplifier is in literally mint mint mint and all original condition. This wonderful piece of equipment is functioning flawlessly. The sound of this set is as stunning as it looks.