MARANTZ SD-1000 - Vintage 2 speed cassette deck with super hard permalloy head. With the exception of some sticker residue on one side and a couple small scrapes on the back its mint. The belts have been replaced, cleaned, demagnetized and is ready to go. Everything is functioning 100%.

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LUXMAN D-105U *SOLD* - Tube Hybrid CD Player. This is a full featured CDP that sounds wonderful. Fully serviced which consisted of laser lens cleaning, transport mechanism/sled assembly cleaned and relubed , loading belt replaced, numerous dry solder joints were re-soldered, all of the adjustment procedures outlined in the service manual were performed and finally the front end tubes have been replaced with a new matched and balanced pair. The CDP is in working order and has no problems playing CD-R's. The cosmetics are very good with no face scratches and is extremely clean. Comes with original remote.

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DUAL CS606 *SOLD* - A lot of turntable for not a lot of money. Features semi-automatic direct drive with ultra low mass arm. Comes with the original Dual/Ortofon ULM55E cart and DN155E stylus with very low hours. The table is in like new condition and is plug and play ready. Comes with the original owner's manual and cart/stylus manual.

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THORENS TD-115MKII *SOLD* - A very capable turntable with fine German craftsmanship. Features a servo controlled electronic belt drive system with total isolation suspension and isotrack tonearm. These came with a 5 year warranty in the day which I think speaks volumes. This table is in mint condition but for a few scratches in the dust cover. Currently set-up with an original Stanton 881S cart with genuine D81 stylus. Comes with the original owner's manual and repo of service manual. A spare genuine Thorens belt is also available.

SANSUI SC-3300 *SOLD* - This is full logic transport control operation and a full featured deck. The deck works 100% and is in literally like new out of the box condition. Seen very light use and the heads, belts, pinch roller etc. are in top condition. Tape path just cleaned and heads demagnetized. A great deck to complete your silver faced vintage Sansui set-up.

LUXMAN P-102 - Fully automatic tangential tracking belt driven table. It currently has an Ortofon OMP10 cartridge mounted. A very nice and clean entry level turntable that doesn't require all the intricate setup due to the linear tracking without giving up performance.

DENON DRS-810 - TOTL professional stereo cassette tape deck. This is a full feature packed deck including a 4 motor mechanism, 4 track/2 channel 3 head design, closed loop dual-capstan transport, full logic transport control with music scan etc.. Another very neat feature and quite unique is the front horizontal loading system. This deck is in like new condition with extremely little apparent use. It comes complete with original box, packaging and documentation.

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SONY MDS-JA20ES *SOLD* - A highend minidisc player/recorder from Sony. Outside of a very light scratch across the top cover the unit is in like new condition and functions as such. The deck comes in the original box with remote & a copy of the owner's manual.