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ENERGY ESM-1 *SOLD* - The top end pair in a complete line that were developed after the legendary Energy 22 Pro Monitors. They are in very good condition and have just been professionally refoamed. They are mirror imaged speakers with consecutive serial numbers. These are a very impressive speaker and sound exceptional.

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PARADIGM MODEL 9s *SOLD* - Featuring two 8" polypropylene drivers and vifa 1" soft dome tweeter. They are in excellent condition and functioning perfectly. These are acoustic suspension designs.

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PARADIGM MODEL 9se *SOLD* - Featuring two 8" polypropylene drivers with butyl rubber surrounds and 1" soft dome tweeter. The 9se model followed the 9s and are a rear ported design with slightly larger cabinets. The speakers are in great shape and working perfectly. Paradigm's sound and quality are hard to beat at their affordable price point.

BOSE 501 SERIES IV - Featuring direct/reflecting ported loudspeaker design. These are mirror imaged speakers that consist of a left and right speaker. These are in good condition and functioning perfectly with no issues. A copy of the owner's manual is included.

ESS AMT-3 "ROCK MONITOR" (Pair #1) *SOLD* - "Sound As Clear As Light" Heil Air Motion Transformer speakers. These RARE beauties were the top dog from ESS and still highly sought after today. What can be said about these except WOW! Really truly one of my all time personal favourites. These speakers leave one hearing something new with every listening session in songs that have been heard 1000's of times. These are in excellent condition including the grills, surrounds on all drivers and the heil diaphragms. The crossovers are completely rebuilt with Solen's highest quality metallized polypropylene caps and mills resistors. Includes a copy of the owner's manual and literature.

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ESS AMT-3 "ROCK MONITOR" (Pair #2) - Here we had the unbelievable fortune of acquiring a second pair of these speakers. This particular pair are in very nice condition. All of the 10" drivers have new surrounds as well as the 6" transition mid drivers. Other than that they are all original including the great heil diaphragms. Included is a copy of the owner's manual.

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ADS L810 SERIES II *SOLD* - The highly desirable series II generation ADS L810's with the metal grills and the improved drivers with refinements including the 3/4" soft dome tweeter. I have yet to be disappointed by ANY pair of ADS or Braun speakers. Another classic speaker that just keeps standing the test of time with a build quality second to none. The metal grills are dent free and other than some scratches and minor dings here and there on the cabinets; these are in great all original condition. The thick real wood veneer can easily be refinished to make these look literally brand new. Included are some literature copies and article from Stereo Review.

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BOSE 301 SERIES II *SOLD* - Bookshelf speakers featuring direct/reflecting ported loudspeaker design. These are mirror imaged speakers that consist of a left and right speaker. These are in good condition and functioning perfectly with no issues. The 8" drivers have just been professionally refoamed. A copy of the owner's manual is included.

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BRAUN L830 (Pair #1) *SOLD* - Vintage German craftsmanship speakers. The build quality is superb with sound to match. They feature the famous Braun/ADS soft dome mid's & tweeters with 10" woofers (woofers professionally refoamed). The cabinets are finished in a gorgeous real walnut veneer with aluminum grills. The cabinets are in excellent shape and the aluminum grills are perfect. These have attached speaker wires.

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BRAUN L830 (Pair #2) *SOLD*- Identical to the above pair except these are missing the little round badges on the grills. Also, this particular pair have binding post rather than the attached speaker wire. The cabinets are in darn near perfect condition as well as the aluminum grills.

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KLIPSCH CORNWALL II *SOLD* - A beautiful pair of all original 1982 Cornwall's in walnut with oiled finish (model CWO). These are a matching pair with consecutive serial numbers. They feature the type B crossover network with K-33 woofer, K-55-V mid range and K-77 tweeter components. The speakers also have the Klipsch optional horizontal bases in matching finish. Included are all original Klipsch documents.

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REALISTIC OPTIMUS 5 - A very nice pair of original Optimus 5. Featuring real walnut veneer cabinet with oiled finish. The build quality is excellent right down to cast aluminum baskets on the woofers with non deteriorating cloth doped surrounds. Not to be confused with the 5B's. These will definitely surprise.

ADS L910 SERIES II - The extremely rare and very highly regarded studio monitors. These speakers were built having the versatility and meeting the needs for all levels of audio enthusiast's right up to the discerning audiophile. Whether your requirements were a normal passive driven or a serious active bi-amp or tri-amp setup, the 910's could meet the needs with optional plug-in program modules. These speakers include the factory aluminum stands, ADS 900 LPM led power meter modules, stock passive amplifier program cards, ultra rare optional active bi-amp program cards and the extremely ultra rare optional active tri-amp program cards.

ACOUSTIC RESEARCH AR9 - The legendary AR9 speakers from Acoustic Research. These were AR's attempt at the optimum speaker in terms of frequency range, flatness and distortion not to mention the greatest power handling capability they had ever built. As Stereophile put it "This is unquestionably the finest speaker AR has ever built." These speakers have attractive hand rubbed oiled walnut finished cabinets and tip the scales at 130 LBS. The low mid-range and woofer drivers have all been professionally refoamed and will be good for another 20 - 30 years of enjoyment. The speakers are in very good cosmetic condition and are in top functioning condition.

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CELESTION DL8 SERIES II - A wonderful sounding pair of speakers from renowned British maker Celestion. These 2-way speakers feature a 1" titanium dome tweeter and 8" poly bass driver. The speakers are in great condition and certainly won't disappoint. Included is a copy of the owner's manual.

BRAUN L710 (Pair #1) *SOLD* - More classic vintage German hi-end speakers from Braun. Here we have a pair in Walnut finish. These are a classic model with a highly regarded reputation and sound.

BRAUN L710 (Pair #2) *SOLD* - Here we have yet another pair of L710's. This pair are finished in white that lends to a more modern look and feel.

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BRAUN L810 *SOLD* - This pair of early 810's are finished in walnut. Typical German build quality here with beautiful sound. The cabinets are in good condition but the baffles could use some paint.

BRAUN LV1020 (Pair #1) *SOLD* - Walnut finish. These are TOTL Braun powered speakers. They feature built in 3 way active crossovers and tri-amplifiers. For comparison, you would need a pair of 3-way speakers, THREE pairs of small monoblock amplifiers and TWO mono 3-way active crossovers. You have it all here in a pair of speakers complete with factory aluminum stands to boot. These speakers are simply incredible is all I can say.

BRAUN LV1020 (Pair #2) *SOLD* - White finish. The same incredible speakers as above only finished in white.

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YAMAHA NS-645 - A solid pair of mid sized bookshelf speakers. High quality drivers featuring 10" woofers with cast aluminum baskets and cloth surrounds that will never deteriorate. Soft dome tweeters with -3 to +3dB attenuation controls.