DENON TU-767 *SOLD* - Part of a matching set consisting of the TU-767 tuner, PRA-1000 preamp and POA-1500 amp. FULLY serviced, completely detailed/cleaned inside and out and 100% working order. Amplifier has all new indicator and meter lamps, bias adjusted and DC-offset checked. Components are in VERY good condition including the rosewood side panels (The tuner has some scratches on the top). All of the potentiometers and switches have had the De-oxit and Faderlube treatment.

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TECHNICS ST-9038 *SOLD* - Quartz Synthesizer FM Tuner. This is a very capable tuner and is from a period when Technics was making some quality products. The housing including the face is die cast aluminum and the surprising weight of this slim line tuner attests to that. Cosmetics are very good with some minor scuffing on top. Includes the original box and packaging.

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YAMAHA CT-600 *SOLD* - AM/FM Tuner. A perfect match for the CA series of amplifiers. Features FM stereo/mono switching, FM muting, high blend switch to cut high frequency noise from FM stereo signals, signal and tuning meters, tuning knob touch AFC sensing/lock, multipath jacks for oscilloscope use enabling precise antenna set-up, IF out for use with an FM 4ch adapter, fixed output RCA and variable output RCA for use with output level control. The tuner is in excellent condition and fully functional including indicators, meters etc..

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QUAD FM4 *SOLD* - The classic Quad FM tuner. Not a whole lot needs to be said about this highly regarded classic tuner. The FM4 stayed true to being a sweet analogue tuner while combining a microprocessor controlled digital display with presets. This tuner is a multi-voltage selectable version. The condition is mint but for a scratch on the top rear corner and performs flawlessly. Includes a copy of the owner's manual.

PIONEER TX-7800 - Shares a lot of the circuitry and has most features in common with the TOTL 9800. This is an excellent performing and sounding tuner. The tuner is literally like new and functions as new as well. Currently this is being offered as a combo with the matching SX-8800 integrated amplifier.

NAD 4150 *SOLD* - A basic but very capable AM/FM tuner. Features 5 presets, muting, mono and output level attenuation. The tuner is in excellent working and cosmetic condition.

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LUXMAN T-115 - A full featured digital AM/FM tuner in a rosewood finish case. This is a perfect matching tuner for the L-580 among many other Luxman integrated and power amps with the rosewood cases. This piece is in literally like new condition. Includes the original owner's manual.

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LUXMAN 5T50 - TOTL digital synthesizer FM tuner from the Luxman Laboratory Reference Series. This is a tremendous tuner packed with functions and full featured. The build quality is first rate. The tuner is in perfect operational order and in very nice condition. Includes a copy of the owner's manual.

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MAGNUM DYNALAB FT-101A ELITE & MD-205 - A very highly regarded analog FM tuner and companion FM signal sleuth. If you're a serious FM listener then this pairing would be a perfect complement to any system. The tuner and sleuth are in perfect operational order and in very nice condition. Includes copies of the owner's manuals.